Two hundred people

Two hundred people, what can they achieve? If they work together certainly a lot of things. Can they build a house? That would be extremely easy. Can they hunt a wolf? Sure, but why? Let’s think of a violent revolution, could they do that? Yeah, I guess, if we’re talking about some underdeveloped country with millions of sheep-like inhabitants and unskilled authorities. Crap, I hate that song, let’s play some real music now… where was I? Oh, right, the possibilities for two hundred people. If you stop to think, they can be constructive or destructive, their accomplishments exciting or dull, their thoughts a vast ocean of colorful and vibrating ideas or just a bottomless pit filled with some kind of gray mud. Hummm… how do you fill something that is bottomless? OK, stop, stop, you’re missing your point here! We’re trying to write something. Two hundred people, two hundred people gathered, talking, doing stuff. Interesting stuff, useful stuff, even profitable stuff. Curing cancer, maybe? Well, perhaps that will be a little out of their reach. But one thing I’m absolutely convinced about: Two hundred people are perfectly fit to make a man sick of them. And you know what? It didn’t take that many to do so.